Old Nevada Place Names

Places not listed on 1997/1998 Official Highway Map

Elko County

lost Adaven xpo 1916
no Afton xpo 1914
no Alazon rr
no Alexander xpo 1895
no Anderson xpo 1900
lost Annaville xpo 1872
no Anthony rr
yes Arnold rr
no Aura xpo mine 1869
yes Avenel rr
no Bauvard xpo rr 1904
lost Bayard xpo 1886
lost Beachey's Station
no Beaver xpo 1896
lost Bews rr
lost Bishops rr
yes Black Forest xpo mine 1872
no Blaine xpo 1884
no Blue Jacket mine
lost Blue Point Spring
lost Blythe City
yes Boaz rr
yes Boone Springs
lost Bradleys
lost Brattain xpo 1904
no Brown
no Bruneau mine
no Bruno City mine 1869
lost Bueasta xpo 1896
no Buell xpo mine 1869
no Bullion City xpo mine 1869
no Burner Mining District mine
lost Camp Halleck xpo 1868
yes Carlin Canyon rr
no Castle Place
no Cathart Place
yes Cave Creek xpo 1887
yes Cedar rr
yes Charleston xpo mine 1876
yes Clifside rr
yes Clover City xpo 1918
no Clover Valley xpo 1872
lost Coal Schaft mine
no Cobre xpo rr 1905
yes Coin rr
no Columbia xpo mine 1871
yes Coral Hill xpo 1870
yes Cornucopia xpo mine 1872
no Cottonwood xpo 1869
no Decoy rr
yes Deep Creek
lost Deep Wells
no Delano xpo mine 1890
no Delaplain rr
no Delno xpo mine 1927
yes Dinner Station 1870
no Dixons
no Dolly Varden mine rr
no Dolly Varden mine 1872
no Dry Creek xpo
lost Dutton xpo 1907
yes Dyke rr
yes East Carlin rr
yes Edgemont xpo mine 1898
yes Elaine xpo mine 1880
yes Elburz rr
yes Estate Place
lost Excelsior xpo 1871
yes Fair Play xpo 1879
lost Fairlawn xpo 1888
no Falcon xpo mine 1867
no Fenelon rr
no Ferber Mining District mine
yes Ferguson Springs
no Fort Halleck xpo 1867
no Gold Circle mine
no Gold Creek xpo mine 1896
lost Golden City
no Goodhope xpo mine 1878
no Goshute rr
no Gosiute xpo 1907
no Happy Camp
no Heenans
yes Henry rr
no Herrel rr
no Highland mine 1869
yes Hogen rr
no Holborn rr
no Hoolons
yes Hot Spring
no Hot Springs
yes Hubbard rr
yes Hunter rr
yes Huntington xpo 1873
lost Hylton xpo 1911
yes Icarus rr
yes Independence rr
yes Indian Villiage
lost Island Mountain xpo mine 1884
no Ivada mine 1907
no Ivanhoe Mining District mine
no Jackson xpo 1890
lost Jasper mine
no Kingsley mine 1862
no Kinsley
yes Loray rr
yes Luke rr
lost Lurline xpo 1915
yes Mardis (Charleston) mine
lost Marshalls Station
yes Melandco rr
no Merrimac Mining District mine
yes Metropolis xpo rr 1911
no Millers
no Mizpah xpo rr 1907
yes Moleen rr
yes Moor rr
yes Moors rr
lost Morton xpo 1890
yes Mound Valley xpo 1879
lost Mud Springs
yes Nardi rr
yes Natchez rr
yes North Fork xpo 1889
lost O'Neil xpo 1894
yes Ola rr
no Old Bullion mine
yes Omar rr
yes Osino rr
yes Otego rr
lost Overland
yes Pardo rr
yes Patsville 1932
no Pavlak xpo mine 1909
yes Peko rr
no Pequop rr
yes Pilot rr
lost Pine Valley
lost Placerville mine
lost Pleasant Valley
yes Proctor rr
no Railroad City mine
yes Rancho Grande
yes Rasid rr
no Red Point rr
lost Reed Station
no Rio Tinto xpo mine 1919
lost Robbers Roost
yes Rock House
yes Rockland rr
no Rowland xpo mine 1870
yes Ruby rr
yes Ruby City 1915
yes Ryndon xpo rr 1903
yes Sage rr
lost Salmon City mine
no San Jacinto xpo rr 1898
lost Schley xpo 1898
no Scraper Springs
lost Secret xpo 1916
yes Shafter xpo rr 1906
yes Shepard's Station
lost Sherman xpo 1903
yes Shores rr
yes Silver Zone xpo mine rr 1872
lost Skelton xpo 1884
yes South Fork xpo 1874
yes Spruce xpo rr 1895
yes Sprucemont (Sprucemount) xpo mine 1869
yes Starr Valley
lost Stofiel xpo 1891
no Summer Camp rr
no Summit xpo 1908
no Tecoma xpo rr 1871
yes The Grade
yes Thousand Springs
lost Tioga
no Toano (Toana) xpo 1868
yes Tobar xpo rr 1908
yes Tonka rr
yes Town Creek rr
yes Tulasco rr
no Tuttle rr
yes Twin Bridges
yes Tyrol rr
lost Unincorporated Town No. 1
no Valley Pass rr
no Vals Camp
yes Ventrosa rr
no Victoria mine 1872
yes Vivian rr
lost Voight xpo 1892
no Warm Creek 1907
yes Weilands xpo
yes Welcome
yes West Carlin rr
yes West Elko rr
yes White Rock xpo 1871
no Wickiup Camp
yes Wild Horse 1945
yes Wild Horse Crossing
lost Wood xpo 1900

Elko County Summary
73 no go + 87 been there + 42 no find = 202 Total Places

Symbol Key:

Other Nevada Counties: Churchill , Clark , Douglas , Elko , Eureka , Humbolt , Lander , Lincoln , Lyon , Mineral , Nye , Ormsby , Pershing , Storey , Washoe , White Pine

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