Old Nevada Place Names

Places not listed on 1997/1998 Official Highway Map

Eureka County

lost Allison
yes Alpha xpo rr 1874
lost Antelope xpo mine 1904
lost Bar xpo 1896
yes Barth rr
lost Birch xpo 1901
yes Blackburn rr 1910
yes Box Springs rr
no Buckhorn xpo mine 1908
no Bullion rr
no Camp Station
lost Carp xpo 1888
yes Cedar rr
yes Cluro rr
yes Colman's
no Columbia mine 1869
lost Corwin xpo 1878
yes Dean Ranch
yes Deep Well rr
yes Diamond xpo rr 1874
no Diamond City mine 1864
yes Diamond Springs
lost Diamond Valley
lost Dry Creek Station
yes Duggan rr
yes Dunphy xpo rr 1921
no Eunice Place
no Eureka Mills rr
no Evans rr
yes Garden Pass rr
lost Geddes xpo 1882
yes Gerald xpo rr 1882
no Goodwin
yes Gravelly Ford xpo 1869
no Grubbs Well
yes Harney rr
yes Hay Ranch rr
yes Hay Ranch
lost Horseshoe Station rr
lost Irving xpo 1904
lost Keystone xpo mine 1898
lost Lees Spring
lost Lodi rr
yes Mineral rr
no Mineral Hill xpo mine 1868
no Nevins xpo mine 1906
yes Oak rr
yes Palisade Canyon rr
lost Parrys rr
yes Pine Station xpo rr 1886
yes Pinto xpo 1870
lost Pleasant Valley
yes Primeaux
no Prospect xpo mine 1885
no Richmond Furnace rr
yes Rixies
no Roberts Creek Station
no Romano xpo 1902
yes Ruby Hill xpo mine rr 1873
no Safford xpo mine 1881
no Secret Canyon mine
yes Shannon 1874
lost Sherwood xpo 1887
yes Shoshone rr
lost Silverado
no Sulphur Springs Station
yes Summit rr
no The Willows
no Thomas Place
no Tonkin xpo mine 1898
no Union xpo mine 1887
no Vanderbilt mine 1870
lost White xpo 1890
yes Willards rr

Eureka County Summary
24 no go + 31 been there + 19 no find = 74 Total Places

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