Old Nevada Place Names

Places not listed on 1997/1998 Official Highway Map

Lincoln County

yes Acoma xpo mine rr 1905
no Adaven
lost Angle City (Pockets)
no Atlanta xpo mine 1909
no Atlanta Siding rr
yes Barclay xpo rr 1899
lost Blackberry Spring
yes Boyd rr
no Bristol xpo mine 1878
no Bristol Silver xpo
no Bristol Wells mine 1872
yes Brown rr
yes Bullionville xpo mine rr 1870
lost Butterfield Springs
yes Cana rr
yes Carpsdale xpo 1918
lost Cave
lost Cave Springs
lost Cave Valley xpo 1926
lost Cedarhurst xpo 1922
no Chief Mining District mine
lost Cliff Spring
yes Cliffdale xpo 1921
yes Cloud rr
yes Clover Junction
lost Clover Valley xpo 1871
yes Comet rr
lost Coyote Spring
no Crescent mine 1866
no Crescent Mill mine
yes Crestline rr
no Crossroad
yes Culverwell Ranch
no Deer Lodge xpo mine 1898
no Delamar xpo mine 1894
no Demules (Delmues) rr
lost Dry Valley mine
no Eagle Valley
yes Eccles rr
lost Ely City (Bullionville) mine
lost Elyville (Bullionville) mine
lost Emigrant Springs
lost Engadine xpo 1907
yes Etna rr
no Fay xpo mine 1899
lost Ferguson
no Finlay mine
no Freiburg xpo mine 1900
no Freyburg xpo mine 1865
no Fryberg xpo mine 1889
yes Galt rr
yes Geyser xpo 1889
lost Gold mine
no Golden City mine 1892
no Groom mine 1869
lost Hadfield Spring
yes Half Moon Switch rr
no Hamlight Station rr
lost Hatfield Spring
no Helene xpo mine 1892
lost Hetfield Spring
no Highland mine 1869
lost Homer
lost Ice xpo 1888
yes Islen rr
no Jackrabbit mine rr 1891
no Joseco xpo 1916
lost Karo xpo 1917
lost Kershaw xpo 1892
yes Kiernan xpo rr 1891
yes Kyle rr
yes Leith rr
yes Lien rr
yes Little Springs rr
no Logan xpo mine 1865
lost Logan Springs xpo 1868
yes Lyman Crossing
lost Lyonville
no M-K Quarry mine rr
no Mendha mine rr
yes Minto rr
no Monarch mine 1906
no Montezuma xpo mine 1869
no Montgomery Cabin
lost Moodyville
no National City mine
lost Newland xpo 1896
lost Oneota xpo 1909
no Pah Ranagat xpo 1867
no Parker Station
yes Patterson xpo 1887
yes Peck rr
lost Pockets
yes Pony Spring
yes Prince rr
yes Prince Junction rr
lost Princeton xpo 1909
yes Rappelje rr
no Reeves (Delamar)
yes Richmond rr
lost Rock Creek Station rr
no Rose Valley
yes Rox rr 1921
no Royal City xpo 1878
lost Saint George
lost Sam's Camp
no Silver Canyon mine 1866
no Silver City mine
no Silver Park
no Silverhorn mine 1920
no Spring Valley 1870
lost Stamps xpo 1888
yes Stine xpo rr 1904
yes Summit Mill rr
no Tem Piute xpo 1879
lost Tempest xpo 1922
no The Hermitage
lost Vanderbilt (nr Ivanpah)
yes Vigo rr
lost Wilson Creek
lost Yoacham xpo 1893

Lincoln County Summary
45 no go + 37 been there + 39 no find = 121 Total Places

Symbol Key:

Other Nevada Counties: Churchill , Clark , Douglas , Elko , Eureka , Humbolt , Lander , Lincoln , Lyon , Mineral , Nye , Ormsby , Pershing , Storey , Washoe , White Pine

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