Old Nevada Place Names

Places not listed on 1997/1998 Official Highway Map

Washoe County

lost Adoth (Ninth Crossing) rr
yes Anderson Acres
yes Anderson Siding rr
yes Andersons rr
yes Antelope Run
yes Astor
yes Auburn xpo 1865
lost Beulah xpo 1913
yes Big Canyon
yes Black Springs xpo 1947
yes Border Town
yes Bristol rr
no Bronco (Bronca) xpo 1872
no Bronte rr
no Brooklyn mine 1875
yes Brown's Junction rr
yes Browns rr
lost Brunson mine
no Buffalo Meadows xpo rr 1865
yes Buffalo Spring
yes Calvada rr
lost Camp 37
no Camp Nye
yes Camp Ormsby
lost Camp Pollock
no Cavin Place
no Cedar rr
lost Clarks xpo 1890
yes Cold Spring rr
yes Commonwelth rr
yes Comstock rr
no Conlon Camp
yes Copperfield mine rr
yes Coyote Camp
no Crystal Peak xpo 1864
yes Dead Ox Canyon rr
lost Deep Hole xpo 1866
no Denio Camp
yes Derby xpo mine rr 1904
no Derby Switch rr
lost Dewey xpo 1898
lost Diessner xpo 1923
yes Dodge rr
yes Double Check
lost Dry Valley
yes Drytown (Wadsworth)
lost Duck Flat
yes Easton rr
yes Essex rr
no Evans Camp
yes Flanigan xpo rr 1914
yes Fleish xpo rr 1908
yes Fort Haven
yes Fort Smith
yes Fort Storey
yes Fortynine Camp
no Francis xpo rr 1915
yes Franktown xpo rr 1862
yes Galena mine
yes Glendale xpo 1867
no Golden Valley
lost Granite Creek xpo 1866
yes Hafed rr
yes Harriman xpo rr 1903
no Hart Camp
lost Hausen (Hansen) xpo 1885
lost Heinz xpo 1920
lost Heply xpo 1891
yes Heslip rr
no Hidden Valley
no Home Camp
lost Hot Springs xpo 1866
yes Huffaker's rr
no Hunters Station xpo 1860
no Indian Pole Camp
yes Indian Rock
yes Jamisons Station
no Jonesville mine 1887
no Joplin xpo 1906
no Jumbo xpo mine 1907
yes Lakes Crossing (Reno)
yes Lakeview xpo rr 1881
yes Lawton rr
yes Leadville mine 1910
yes Leareno rr
no Lemmon Valley xpo 1964
lost Little Bangor
no Little Valley
lost Little Winnumucca
lost Long Valley
lost Mackay and Fair
yes Maltby
yes Marmol xpo rr
yes Martin rr
lost Mayberry Camp
no McClanesburg mine
yes Mill Station
yes Mogul rr
lost Mud Meadows xpo 1867
lost Nashville
yes New Truckee rr
yes New Washoe City
yes North Reno rr
no Norton Place
yes Numana rr
no Old Camp
no Olinghouse xpo mine rr 1901
yes Olinghouse Junction rr
yes Ophir xpo 1862
no Ora xpo 1898
yes Panther rr
yes Parr Yard rr
yes Patrick rr
no Peavine (Poe City) mine
no Phil rr
yes Pleasant Valley
no Podunk
no Poe City mine 1863
no Poeville xpo 1874
no Port Arthur rr
yes Purdys xpo rr 1889
yes Pyramid xpo rr 1879
no Pyramid City mine 1876
lost Raiser City
yes Raleigh Heights
no Red House
lost Red Rock
lost Reederville
no Reno - Stead xpo 1972
no Robbers Roost
yes Roderick xpo 1929
lost Roop xpo 1894
no Rye Patch Sheep Camp
yes Salvia rr
yes Sand Harbor rr
yes Sand Pass xpo rr 1911
no Sano rr
yes Sheepshead xpo 1879
yes Smiths rr
no Smoke Creek rr
no Smoke Creek Station xpo 1862
lost Soldier Meadows
lost Spring City xpo 1866
yes Squaw Valley Ranch
lost Starvation Camp
yes Steamboat Springs xpo rr 1880
no Stevens Camp
lost Sturtevant
no Summit Springs xpo rr 1867
no Sun Valley
lost Sunkist xpo 1916
yes Thisbe rr
lost Truckee Meadows xpo 1862
no Tunnel Creek Station
yes Vista rr
yes Washoe City xpo rr 1861
lost Webster
no Wedekind xpo mine 1902
yes West Reno rr
no Williams Place
no Woodruff Camp

Washoe County Summary
50 no go + 77 been there + 34 no find = 161 Total Places

Symbol Key:

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